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Inspiring Personal Growth

General Information
Simply Rooted Wellness Centre is located on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia and offers a variety of modalities such as yoga classes, Reiki sessions, personal life coaching, personal growth workshops and infant yoga and massage.In the busyness of our lives it is easy to become unbalanced, stressed or lost in our activities. Simply Rooted Wellness Centre provides the perfect environment for you to slow down, de-stress, re-connect with yourself and find ways to re-establish balance in your life. There is a focus on reconnecting to your roots and growing from there with compassion in an inner journey of awakening.

Pre-registration is required for yoga classes, Reiki sessions, infant yoga and massage, personal life coaching sessions and personal growth workshops.  Drop ins are welcome to attend yoga classes providing there is space and are asked to contact Simply Rooted and confirm space prior to the start of class.

Feel free to contact the centre with any questions 902-266-6016