Tammy has a passion for all practices that are of a healing nature, that contribute to overall wellness.  Through her own personal journey, Tammy discovered profound healing in Yoga Nidra, and experienced first-hand the benefits of this beautiful practice.

Tammy's studies in Life Coaching have enabled her to develop classes that allow for self-reflection, promote healing and personal growth.  Her teaching style allows participants to receive what it is they need in that very moment.

She is grateful to have the opportunity to share the gift of Yoga Nidra with those who join her class.

Kathleen leads her classes with a quiet, gentle and compassionate demeanor.  She is inspired to make yoga accessible to all. Through her work with people with special needs and having studied Chair Yoga,  Kathleen is able to provide many modifications to meet individual needs.  Kathleen's background in psychology provides a focus on self-awareness and self-compassion in all her classes .  Kathleen is a graduate of the AYTT 200 hour program and teaches a Kripalu-inspired class.  You are guaranteed to feel more relaxed, open and grounded after one of her classes.

After the birth of her first child, Kathleen was inspired to bring much needed infant programs out to the shore.  Kathleen completed the infant massage program through the International Association of Infant Massage and has included infant massage and infant yoga in her offerings.

Tammy Turple

Yoga Nidra Instructor, Reiki Master, Yogi Life and Emotional Coach

Melissa Bellefountaine

Certified Medical Qigong Instructor

Meet Our Teachers

​Melissa Bellefontaine is a certified Medical QiGong instructor, Higher Realm Healing practitioner, organizer of the Alternative Health & Healing Arts Festival & co facilitator of Illuminate Retreats.Through her own personal experience, she has discovered many benefits of a regular qigong practice. Melissa received her training through Zen Wellness Center, AZ in 2010 and she continues to attend yearly training for both personal growth & to share new practices with her clients. Melissa believes strongly in the power of self healing & medical qigong has become the vehicle to allow her to become proactive in her own health care & to also assist others on their path of healing. She is passionate about bringing this ancient modality to her community. Medical QiGong is beneficial for all ages & may be practiced in a seated position for those with limited mobility. She teaches both youth & adult classes, continuing to remain in awe of the stories shared by her clients, of the impact qigong has made in their lives.

Kathleen Manson

Owner, Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master

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