Infant yoga is a comprehensive program that incorporates movement, rhythm, rhyme and play to stimulate the senses and relax the body.  Through the program you will build a stronger bond with your baby and facilitate their development through the various milestones.  It's never to early to begin teaching your baby about healthy active living.  No experience or knowledge of yoga is necessary.  Infants should be between the ages of 6 weeks and pre-crawling for this program.  

​Mom and Baby Yoga

Infant Yoga

​Infant Massage

This program is more for the moms, allowing moms to have some time to connect with themselves in a baby friendly environment.  Whether your new to yoga or wanting to return to your mat, this class is focused on building back core strength, strengthening the body and releasing tension that builds up while caring for your infant.  Babies may enjoy watching the movements, playing on their own or being incorporated into the practice.  Moms should have their doctors ok during their pre-labour wellness check prior to beginning this program.  

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Infant massage classes are a great way to bond with your baby while learning ways to relieve tummy upsets and soothe your baby.  By giving your baby this one-on-one attention you learn to better understand your baby's non verbal cues while having fun together.  The class size is small and classes are informal.  An easy to use skill you can take home and share with your baby for as long as you'd like. Infants should be 6 weeks to pre-crawling for this program.   

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