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bringing balance and healing into your life

Reiki session is $40 for 30 minutes or $65 an hour.


Looking for a Reiki treatment but can't make it to the centre.  We can come to you.  A mobile Reiki session is $85 an hour for locations 30 minutes from the centre.  All other locations within the HRM are $120 an hour.

A 10% discount is given for pre-booking and paying for 4 sessions.


Reiki Sessions

Come relax, renew and rejuenate

There are many reasons in life that we may become unbalanced such as stress, life changes, poor diet, pollution, heavy workload, physical or mental illness, caring for others, trauma and busy schedules.  Reiki is a great modality to help rebalance ourselves bringing health and wellness back into our lives.  The treatment involves the client to relax on a massage table while the practitioner gently touches or has hands hovering over the body.  Universal energy which is infused in love is transmitted to the clients body and travels to the areas that are most needed.  Treatments can help to bring balance to mind, body, emotions and spirit.